Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Heading in a new direction + a reveal

Hello guys! I know, I know, where the hell have I been? Well, I'm not gonna lie. When I haven't been working nearly all day everyday, I've been vegging out on my couch, avoiding my blogging responsibilities. But I have some news. Some exciting news (Look, I think it's exciting at least...).

I'm rebooting my blog. 

And by reboot, I mean I'm essentially dumping Lily's Reads. I've created a brand new blog, with a brand new name, and heading in what is for me, a brand new direction. And I couldn't be more excited!

The blog isn't quite ready to debut yet, though. When it is, (hopefully sometime in mid-July) I'll let you all know right here, and I hope you'll continue to follow me on my bookish journey.

Now for the reveal.

Wait, I thought the new blog was the reveal?

Umm, sorry. I wanted to give you the exciting news before I hit you with this. It's not anything bad, it's just something that some people might get upset about. But with my decision to head in a new direction, I wanted to be as truthful with you all as I can be, and I can't do that with telling you my real name.

Yeah. Lily isn't my name. My name is Jada.

Why have you been lying to us all this time?!?!


I genuinely feel awful about this. But when I first started blogging (long before Lily's Reads came into being) I was a youngin' concerned with keeping my identity from the creepy creeps of the internet. So I decided to take the name of one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite books, The Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving.

So, no more secrets. We can still be friends, right? Right??

I'll just give you some time.



  1. This is great news. I had the same problem. I was like, should I put myself out in the media or not. But I was thinking too much so I just went and did it. At times the Internet cannot be safe there's some people who use the Internet for bad against others. So I completely understand why you would use another name. But this is great news showing us your true self. I'm excited to see your new blog but don't keep me waiting too much.
    And of course where still friends. : )

    1. Thank you! I've been struggling for a long with wanting to share my true identity (damn, I sound like Batman... LOL), and I decided since I wanted to make a fresh start blog-wise, now would be a perfect time to do it. And let me tell you, it feels so good to finally feel like I'm REALLY being myself. :)

      And don't worry, the blog will hopefully be up in a few weeks. I've been having fun today designing it, and I'm super excited about how it looks. Now on to the hard part: Content. Lol

      And I'm glad we're still friends! You're seriously one of my favorite people I've met through this blog/Twitter. :)