Review Policy/Contact Info

How I review: 
I try my hardest to provide honest and thorough reviews, regardless of how much or how little I may or may not like the book. I do also try to mention things that I both really liked and really disliked about the book, and why.
I try to put review books at the top of my 'To Be Read' pile, but occasionally things come up, and it takes me a while before I am able to get to them, so please allow 2-3 months for reviews to go up. Unpublished books, however, generally take priority, since I like to get reviews for those up a week or two before publication.

What I provide in my reviews:
-Goodreads page
-Goodreads Synopsis
-If it's a review book, and where I received it from
-Publication date, if yet unpublished

Review formats I accept:
-Physical (hardback, paperback) 
-E-book (compatible with Kindle, Nook, or Adobe Digital Editions) 

Types of books I'll review:
Graphic Novels/Manga
Historical Fiction
Science Fiction
Steam Punk
Young adult


Types of books I'm generally not interested in:
New Adult

I reserve the right to decline any requests.

Contact information:

All books featured on this blog are either purchased, borrowed, gifted from friends or family, or received via publisher/NetGalley/Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. I do not and will not accept any form of compensation, monetary or otherwise (apart from advanced/ finished review copies of books), in exchange for any of my reviews.  

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